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Tea Time

April 27, 2009
strong brewed tea, lovely

strong brewed tea, lovely

At the present im watching my Sister and Dad play chess against each other, how many checks are there on a chess board…one moment i’ll count…56 hope thats right otherwise i will be wrong and i’m not fond of being wrong. In the background of these two titains warring against each other via chess is my Mother and her mate from work Jane are nattering in the usual fashion

“it’s my daughter’s fault”

 “aren’t you consentrating”

 “I can play draughts but not chess”

“I like draughs too”

 “ooh i’ll take you on one day then”

 “mind you i love monopoloy”

“I’ve got lots of ironing to do again”

And so the scene is set, I’m drinking a cuppa it’s nice and strong not too hot not at stale mouldy tempature just right. I hate it when you get a tea and it’s to hot to drink. And then you have to sit there staring at your mug every three seconds wondering if it’s cool enough to drink now, and the steam is doing a steamy mocking “you can’t drink me” dance at me…

Ahhhhhh my cat has shown up, time to stroke her.