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Ribena Break

April 28, 2009


Im sat at home doing my catching up session on my uni work that I have missed, my cat is walking around looking rather wonky. I have to confess i’ve put the books down and grabbed the biggest cup I have ever seen out of the cubbard and made a nice hot Ribena (ah it reminds me of sick days). Anyway I just watched a snippet of the news about the swine flu and the nice pointy nose news reader man firmly insists that there is no need to not buy pork as the virus cannot be contracted through consumuption. I have to smile at the image of the pork aile in tesco being bycotted, I don’t think many people will take his advice.


The Troubles of Growing Up

April 28, 2009

untitledso…I am 19, legally I can smoke, drinking, have sex, vote, drive a car, watch the 18movies ooh and buy matches, though I did get asked for ID for buying matches the other day in CoOp, but sam the sales man said he would remember me next time for any further purchasing of matches. Thanks Sam.

Anyway the point I’m trying to make is dispite being viewed by most people and our government as now being a responsible adult, how is it i still feel like I should be at school. I don’t think I’m ready to be let loose on the world, who knows what damage my small girl feet might cause. Yet saying that I am sooooooo desperate to be free, to be grown up (whatever that means). My boyfriend tells me I’m a beautiful young woman. Trouble is I still feel like a girl. I wonder if their is a day you wake up and like TA DA your a woman! Probally not…maybe I don’t recognise the person I am becoming yet,

oh well suppose i will just have to get over it that.


 “We grow neither better nor worse as we get old,

but more like ourselves”

-May Lamberton Becker

Tea Time

April 27, 2009
strong brewed tea, lovely

strong brewed tea, lovely

At the present im watching my Sister and Dad play chess against each other, how many checks are there on a chess board…one moment i’ll count…56 hope thats right otherwise i will be wrong and i’m not fond of being wrong. In the background of these two titains warring against each other via chess is my Mother and her mate from work Jane are nattering in the usual fashion

“it’s my daughter’s fault”

 “aren’t you consentrating”

 “I can play draughts but not chess”

“I like draughs too”

 “ooh i’ll take you on one day then”

 “mind you i love monopoloy”

“I’ve got lots of ironing to do again”

And so the scene is set, I’m drinking a cuppa it’s nice and strong not too hot not at stale mouldy tempature just right. I hate it when you get a tea and it’s to hot to drink. And then you have to sit there staring at your mug every three seconds wondering if it’s cool enough to drink now, and the steam is doing a steamy mocking “you can’t drink me” dance at me…

Ahhhhhh my cat has shown up, time to stroke her.

How not to deal with problems

April 27, 2009
"have i told you how many books my uni had" for the love of God YES!

"have i told you how many books my uni had" for the love of God YES!

Well my legs are aching so much, family bbq’s should come with a health warning all those outdoor games, and the my cake got ruin (small tear comes to my eye). It’s the day after and today has been a lazy day, a bit too lazy for my liking.


…Though saying that i have had many lazy days recently it’s terrible. I have received a desperate plea (via email) from one of my lecturers at uni asking me why I haven’t shown up to her lesson in 3 weeks, the reason being…I hate her approach and teaching style, she puts people on the spot for answers which I’m fine with appart from I don’t know the answers and she doesn’t seem to believe me when I tell her I can’t answer and then proceeds to boast about the university she studied at having  more books in one library then all of Nottingham’s put together, really i mean how many times can you fit that into a conversation, silly lady.

Anyway she has told me we need to talk, which is fair enough, however i’m the kind of person who just leaves things and then just ignores them hoping they will just go away…funny how that never works. So anyho a simple sentence of “hi  i’m finding your lesson hard because your cramming a 2 year course into one” becomes an tiresome game of excuses that become more and more creative ending with an emotional outburst, which either freaks people into letting me off the hook or just trying to run away as fast as possible. I really shouldn’t do that anymore. Ok I shall be good from hence forth…

" Did i meantion how many books my uni has"...for the love of God YES!

" Did i meantion how many books my uni has"...for the love of God YES!